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Henrik Bechmann...
Henrik Bechmann

Welcome, and meet Henrik Bechmann

For legacy sites see,, and

I wrote the CMS for this website

... which is why I still use it. It's called Muster Wiki. That was a long time ago. Some really good ideas (massively parameterized functions; a quasi-graph approach shoe-horned into a relational database...), but I didn't have time to improve the interface, particularly drag & drop for the admins. So you might say it's software that only a father (me) can love, but I'm stickin' with it! (for now). And it gave me the chance to cut my teeth on some in-depth web software development. But I'd use a different (javascript and neo4j graph db) software stack if I was doing it today.


Internet Commons is the business vehicle (sole proprietorship) of Henrik Bechmann. I have been a software developer since 1981.

I like solving problems and designing solutions. I take a modelling approach, extending general application models to detailed implementation in code and components.

Website Development

✓ I am available for website-oriented software development projects on a consulting basis. My most consistent focus over the years has been database application design and development of one kind or another, seeing projects through from business analysis through to design, development and deployment.

PHP, Javascript, Database Developer

✓ I have also developed a substantial open source application, Muster Wiki (which powers this website), which is a rapid collaborative publishing tool. Muster Wiki can stand alone, or act as a subsite for a specific purpose.

✓ In the process of developing Muster Wiki, I designed and developed a wiki markup language extended from the creole markup language, and implemented with a parser and HTML emitter. It is available for download at When I get time I'll re-brand it as Muster Markup.

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