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Keyword search tips

Most of the time entering a keyword like "campfires" or "bake ovens" or "permits" will get you started just fine. But here are some simple operators you can experiment with to refine your search (think of these as a tiny query language).

Operator Meaning Example Finds
+ AND operator; word must be included; use this most of the time +apples +oranges both "apples" and "oranges" must be found in the same document.
- NOT operator; word must not be included apples -oranges "apples" must be found without the word "oranges".
* wild card (must be appended to the end) camp* camp, camps, campfire, campfires, Campbell
<blank> absence of an operator is interpreted as OR; any document with the word will be found apples oranges any document with either "apples" or "oranges" will be found
"<phrase>" exact phrase; words enclosed in double quotes must be found exactly "orange apples" the phrase "orange apples" must be found
(<term>) grouping; search terms in parentheses are evaluated separately +bananas +(apples oranges) find "bananas" with either "apples" or "oranges"

Note that keywords less than four characters long are ignored.

Keywords are searched in the Title, Caption, Location, Description, and Body of documents.

Keyword search does not look for the root of plurals. So "campfires" will not find "campfire", nor will "campfire" find "campfires". To find both use "campfire*".

Some (very commonly used) keywords are ignored altogether. These are called "stopwords". For a list see stopwords.

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Behaviour Driven Development by Henrik Bechmann

Description: Behaviour Driven Development emerged in the late 2000's out of Test Driven Development, as the next step in folding heightened focus into the production process.

Part of: Presentations

Date: 19-Mar-2015 [288]

Domain Driven Design Patterns: a quick review of ideas from Eric Evans' Book

Description: Domain Driven Design is a book released by Eric Evans in 2004, which covers a rich and exact set of design tools useful for designing complex applications. From model-driven design, to specific design patterns and specific hints.

Part of: Presentations

Date: 19-Mar-2015 [289]

In Brief: Understanding the City of Toronto Operating Budget Summary - 2015

Description: The annual City of Toronto Operational Budget Summary is a little hard to make sense of. This screencast describes a better way of grouping the detail line items of the budget so that it makes more sense.

Part of: Presentations

Date: 19-Mar-2015 [286]

Intrinsic Design: Software Design from the inside out

Description: Intrinsic design is the exercise of bringing logical closure to existing designs. When this is done with care to complement other design processed, the benefit is greater utility and stability when the software is released.

Part of: Presentations

Date: 19-Mar-2015 [285]

Software developers: push design all the way into source code

Description: This is a challenge posed to software developers to push formal design into source code itself, and then review the code with clients! -- loosely based on some ideas taken from Eric Evans' book Domain Driven Design.

Part of: Presentations

Date: 19-Mar-2015 [290]

Software Development: The Agile Production Funnel

Description: This screencast argues in favour of using the whole set of design tools and process patterns available to agile software development teams. Sixteen such tools and patterns are identified and quickly reviewed.

Part of: Presentations

Date: 19-Mar-2015 [287]

Drupal 7 to 8 - an Overview

Description: A survey of upcoming changes, assembled in September, 2013

Part of: Presentations

Date: 29-Sep-2013 [281]

Henrik Bechmann: Resumé

Part of: unassigned

Date: 19-Sep-2013 [279]


Description: Presentations developed and delivered by Henrik Bechmann

Date: 12-Sep-2013 [274 "presentations"]

Slides for What Is Drupal?

Part of: What is Drupal?

Date: 07-Sep-2013 [272]

What is Drupal?  Screencast series: Introduction to Drupal

Part of: Presentations

Date: 07-Sep-2013 [262 "whatisdrupal"]

What Is Drupal? 3. Content Manager

Part of: What is Drupal?

Date: 07-Sep-2013 [266]

What Is Drupal? Conclusion

Part of: What is Drupal?

Date: 07-Sep-2013 [263]

What is Drupal? Overview

Part of: What is Drupal?

Date: 07-Sep-2013 [271]

Cool Drupal Modules  by Pete Yaworski

Part of: Understanding Drupal

Date: 22-May-2013 direct link [247]


Part of: Key Contributed Modules

Date: 22-May-2013 direct link [248]

Google's go language

Description: Highly abstracted, useful for massive parallel and concurrent software; simple to write and work with

Part of: unassigned

Date: 20-May-2013 direct link [246]

Show all errors while developing

Part of: unassigned

Date: 18-May-2013 direct link [245]

Franz Heinzmann

Part of: People

Date: 11-May-2013 direct link [240]

Kristof De Jaeger

Description: Good video series on display suite

Part of: People

Date: 11-May-2013 direct link [241]

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