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Productivity in Drupal development

08-May-2013 [233]

Part of unassigned

First iteration, May 2013
  1. Establish expertise in particular areas (contribs) such as
    • Commerce
  2. Exploit the discipline of publishing
    • modules
    • documentation
  3. Establish business processes, with standards and milestones
    • design
    • development
    • delivery
    • deployment
    • evaluation -> (by object) leading to improvements
  4. Develop best practices, patterns, and protocols
  5. Develop a library of templates
  6. Develop internal documentation and reference material
  7. Work to interface standards such as
    • tabs
  8. Exploit tools
    • View Modes
    • Views
    • Panels
    • Design Suite
    • CTools
  9. Understand the data model (renderable array), including local versions such as
  10. Work to technical standards, such as
    • Never use theme()
    • always return a renderable array
    • use hook_page_alter
  11. Use Features and Drush to package and transfer blocks of objects (code, resources, database fragments)