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Henrik Bechmann: Resumé

19-Sep-2013 [279]

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See also Henrik Bechmann: Curriculum Vitae.

Henrik Bechmann,
Internet Commons,
177 Westmoreland Avenue
Toronto, Ontario.
M6H 3A1
Phone: 416-538-8040 (cell)

Website Developer and Business Analyst: Resumé

September, 2013


I like solving software problems and designing solutions.

I am a front and back end software developer working on a project contract basis, with a current focus on javascript tools. I take a modelling, consultative approach to development. My goal is always to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the software development process. I have been involved directly with website development since 2004, and software development since 1981.

Technical Skills

  • Current focus: Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL
  • Website tools used: Currently javasript tools like AngularJS, previously Muster Wiki (as author), and PmWiki
  • Mindset: Object-oriented, service oriented systems; functional programming is becoming important
  • Roles: Business Analyst, Planner, Application Architect, Application Designer, Technical Designer, Developer, Website Builder, Database Designer and Developer, Project Manager
  • Not so much: Graphic Arts, Systems Administrator/Integrator

Main Production Skills

Business Analysis, Design

I work to deliver systems that anticipate client needs well into the future. This of course requires integrating careful interpretation of client requirements into system designs. I use standard analyst tools including business entity-relation diagrams and functional requirements and analysis, combined with the experience required to make judgements about weight and emphasis of features.

But I place special emphasis on something that is often overlooked, namely investigating the inherent logic (semantics) of key features. This reliably yields robust and concrete insights which improve system usefulness. My experience is that committing the resulting ideas into the core of systems (typically through database design and system architecture), generates development pathways that are efficient and effective, and produce results that are long lasting.

Site Building and Architecture

I've been building websites for about a decade. My experience with html, css and javascript allows for implementation of carefully considered interface designs, and components.

Technical Design and Development

This is one of my core skills. See projects below for samples of code that I have written that is publicly available.

Database Design and Development

I view database design as the core repository of the semantics of an application, as well its functional foundation. With my experience I am able to achieve database designs which minimize modification requirements in future. I believe that database layer considerations have expanded from relational databases (the standard for many decades) to include graph databases (neo4j in particular) and aggregate databases (mongodb in particular). Each of these has strengths which can be applied appropriately to solutions.


Current projects that I have in the public domain are:

  • Muster Wiki ( – a rapid collaborative publishing tool
  • A wiki markup engine ( based on the creole markup language, and extended to encompass most html display tags and decorators (classes, attributes, and styles)
  • – a proprietary website that demonstrates a deliberately simple responsive design approach, and displays well on all devices from smart phones to tablets to desktops

In addition I'm currently

  • working as volunteer project lead on a Toronto budget portal, as part of Civic Tech Toronto,
  • and I am working on developing a long standing personal interest project -- a group information manager, yet to be published.

More information

  • For my chronology, please see curriculum vitae. I began software development with the introduction of the first IBM PC in 1981.
  • Linkedin
  • Presentations
  • For more information please contact me at